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Da Lat Eats

Vietnam has one of the most amazing food cultures in the world and they are proud to rock their craft.  We on the receiving end, love to fill our bellies to the brim!

We will admit that we're not super adventurous when it comes to food. But we'll give most things a try and we'll happily share the experience with you.

Now, because we eat and drink a fair bit, it's not always possible to document everything. Especially since we're travelling the country by the road and sometimes we just run out of time to write about everything. 

But fear not!  If we don't blog or vlog about the experience, we guarantee it will on our Insta account under the hashtag #snackingourchops!  

Yes, please!  Go have a look!  
When you come back, have a read about our experience with the pig's lung.  Ah-huh, you read that right, and it's not a gross as you think.

Also, we're currently exploring the southern part of Vietnam and hoping to complete the northern loop closer to the end of the year.

If you have a recommendation you want to share with us, please leave us a comment or comment on one of our #snackingourchops posts!  And thanks for sharing, we appreciate your participation!

Right, all this talk about food is making us hungry!  We'll see you in one of our posts as we slurp a bowl of Pho, ravish a Banh Mi Phuong or inhale a generous helping of Choa Dau Xanh.

What are you waiting for, get into it!

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