Our Two Cents pages are exactly what you think they are.  Our two cents on the places we've been, the things we done, and where stayed.

This is our opportunity to give back to our Tribe so you can experience, explore and travel Vietnam with us from the comfort of your couch!  Hopefully we inspire you to come and experience this beautiful country and and possibly give us your two cents!

We've divided the info into easy to understand sections of Destination Guides, Fun things to do in Vietnam, Accommodation in Vietnam and Snacking Our Chops (for all the eating we're doing)!

But wait! More to come on Our Two Cents

We will soon add two more sections to give you our two cents on.  They will be about travel gear and the stuff that keeps on the road and connected to you, as well what this adventure is setting us back in the form of travel expenses.  So bear with us, they are coming.

Our two cents on the most important thing to us is, our TRIBE!  We love you guys and we appreciate the support and love you show us, keep up the good job!

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Feel free to add your two cents to Our Two Cents and tell us what you want to see more of.  We love recommendations and making you part of the adventure!