What are the fun things to do in Vietnam!

fun things to do in Vietnam

Travel is all about the experience right?

So, we can all agree that the best part about booking a trip is figuring out what to do? Hell yeah it is!! You probably already know exactly what you want to do. You just need to figure out how to get in, where these things are and where to recharge the batteries for the next round.

This adventure is taking us out on the road until the end of this year. In that time we'll be looking for all the fun things to do in Vietnam. Mostly off the beaten track too. 

We know where all the existing amazing spots are and we intend to check out a few but it not our main aim. We want to find those undiscovered spots ans show you the raw beauty of this country.

Once we find them, we look for interesting things to do and share them with you!

Fun things to do in Vietnam for US

Now bear in mind that we're in our 40's, so cliff jumping and drinking all night is not our thing at all. We can still rock a hostel stay and surprise the heck out of millennials, lol! But we prefer doing the things that remind us of how awesome this green rock we're living on is!

We're more into things like exploring caves, waterfalls, day trips and testing beach spots.

And it's confession time...

We're currently on the road and it's wet season! Not just 'oh yeah I heard about that' -wet season, but it's torrential here in Vietnam. 

Our stay in Da Lat recently made us realize a few things. Like, while it would be awesome to see waterfalls, it's not so great in a downpour for various reasons. The worst of the wet season should be over by mid September and until then, we'll try as many things as we can.

And don't worry we have a few awesome things in the pipeline! Keep an eye on this page as well as our YouTube channel.

Know of any fun things to do in Vietnam that we MUST try?  Know of any fun things to do in Vietnam that you're super curious about and want to know more about? Then hit us up in the comments. We love recommendations and making our Tribe part of the adventures, so let us know!

But that's enough talking, it's time to show you what we have been up to so far. Hope you enjoy and see you in the next one...