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In May 2018 we were coming to end of a three month stay in beautiful Da Nang.  As much as we were absolutely loving life on the beach, it just wasn't getting rid of the itchy-feet feel.
Our initial plan was to stay in three different locations for three months at a time. We were hoping this slow version of travel meant we could take our time. Leisurely exploring the surrounding areas and vlog and blog about our experiences.
We soon learnt that for a skinny country, there sure is a helluva lot to explore! And missing out by sitting in an apartment in one place, not good!

What did we do?

 We gave up apartment living in exchange for the,
What is that?  We minimized our already meager belongings to the bare essentials. Those got stuffed into a couple of backpacks (and a GIVI) and we bought two Honda Waves.
This is taking slow travel up a notch! Taking it out on the road , enjoying as many nooks and crannies of this amazing country as we can in the time we have left.  Aaarrgghhh why haven't we thought of this earlier?!

How do you benefit?

Out on the road means we're in different places trying new things and staying in different types of accommodation.
You know, doing the stuff you get to enjoy watching and reading from the comfort of your couch.
All the nitty-gritty stuff we find and learn about out on the road comes straight into our Our Two Cents page!  So, when you decided you want to do more than read about Vietnam, you'll have an arsenal of information at your disposal, right here!
Our Destination Guides are quick snap shots with all the best bits you need to know. In addition, they will have links to accommodation and activity reviews and where to snack your chops!
If you have a destination you would like to know more about or can recommend, then hit us up in the comments.  We love recommendations and we love making our Tribe part of the adventures!
Okay, enough yabbering from us!  Let's go have a look at what we have actually managed to see so far...

Destination Guides

  • Five Free Things to do in Da Nang

    Five Free Things to do in Da Nang

    Whether your passing through or staying for a while, there is always something going on in this epic city. We’re here to tell you about five free things to do in Da Nang. No great introduction to any new destination has to start with a hefty price tag and Da Nang is no exception. In fact, Da Nang has the unique … Read More
  • Two days in Cam Ranh

    Two days in Cam Ranh

    FacebookPinTweetEmail Two days in charming Cam Ranh  After a fantastic stay in Tuy Hoa, it was time to hit the road and head to the next destination on our list. Cam Ranh was a planned overnight stop. On the ride down though, we discovered there was more to what we thought was a sleepy little coastal town. We ended up … Read More
  • Untouched Tuy Hoa

    Untouched Tuy Hoa

    FacebookPinTweetEmail Experience a real slice of Vietnam without tourists Our intended destination was Quy Nhon but curiosity got the better of us and we started doing some research on what else there was up and down the coast. That’s when we found a place with a strange name that we’ve never heard of called, Tuy Hoa. Further more, we couldn’t … Read More
  • Delightful Da Lat

    Delightful Da Lat

    FacebookPinTweetEmail Da Lat a city of beauty and spoils Our second stop on this new adventure was Da Lat and we knew little about it. We knew it was coffee country, has spectacular scenery and some historical value. It’s also a much-loved domestic holiday destination, but other than that, we don’t know much more about it. None the less, we … Read More
  • Hoi An – central Vietnam’s little charm

    Hoi An – central Vietnam’s little charm

    FacebookPinTweetEmail Our three day visit to this stunning town Hoi An is this beautiful town located forty minutes from Da Nang, central Vietnam.  It is as pretty as its name and a feast on the senses. Vietnam has a rich trading history and Hoi An is no exception. Her history dates back as far as the 15th century. Today she … Read More
  • Da Nang – the must see city of Vietnam

    Da Nang – the must see city of Vietnam

    This unassuming city hosted us for one day and night in 2016, on a backpacking trip travelling from Hoi An to Hue. At the time we knew nothing about Da Nang, hence the short stay, but boy did she surprise us! So, it is why now in 2018 we've gone out on a limb, selling everything bar a few precious … Read More