The Charmington La Pointe Apartment

Charmington La Pointe Apartment

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Charmington La Pointe the pants off us!

Charmington La Pointe was our second Airbnb apartment booking. She charmed us all right!

Our stay at The Eastern Apartment, Ho Chi Minh City

It may have been smaller than our last apartment but it had oodles of charm. We thoroughly enjoyed staying in this neat little set up.

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment


How we found the Charmington La Pointe apartment

We had a friend coming over for a visit and we wanted to give her a the best first impression of HCMC.

This meant we had to find accommodation in a spot that was close to all the action but not overwhelming. It also had to be close to some good food and coffee options.

Airbnb again gave us some great options to consider! The Charmington La Pointe apartment was the winner by a mile.


Located in district 10, it sounds like it’s far away, but really it wasn’t.

The most convenient thing about the location was the decent on-site supermarket.

Not to mention plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, street food and transport was a breeze!

The Charmington La Pointe Complex

Completed in 2016, the Charmington La Pointe complex is still fresh and well looked after.


From its location on Coa Thang street, you can easily get to districts 1, 3 and 5. The airport is a 20-minute GRAB ride (we paid VND180,000 (~USD8.00 / ~AUD11.00) one way), during reasonable traffic.

Or you have a choice of public transport and taxis to get pretty much anywhere else. Both of which are readily available in this area, as is GRAB.


The building itself caters for a mix of commercial and personal spaces.

There is a coffee shop on floor 12A (13 for westerners).

And for those hot summer days, it has a large outdoor pool with facilities available to all residents. The pool is also kid friendly and offers a separate lap section.

Car park

It also has a car park that accommodates a small number of cars and a decent number of motorbikes. Parking is extra but we we’re not sure on the cost as we didn’t use it.

We weren’t going to need our motorbikes and decided to store them at Saigon Storage along with our other gear. More on Saigon Storage here too.

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment

This was a compact loft styled apartment. Despite its small size, it accommodated three adults nicely.

Room and wardrobe space

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment

One side of the mezzanine floor housed the full-sized queen bed. It came with a Vietnamese style mattress (they tend to be on the super firm side), and clean bedding.

On the other side was the semi wardrobe/dressing space. You can throw down the fold out (spare) mattress in this area. It’s not a comfortable fit, but is workable.

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment

We didn’t end up using the spare mattress, it was not comfortable at all.  The additional bedding allowed one of us to sleep on the couch instead.  As we were only there for two nights, it didn’t end up being big deal.

Living and dining

Down on the ground floor there was a couch, small table, large flat screen and a beanbag. Next to it was a small dining table with two chairs.

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment


Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen was small but well equipped. It came with an induction cooker, fridge, microwave and washing machine. As well as decent cooking and eating utensils, cutlery and crockery.

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment

Next to the kitchen was a small but practical bathroom. It had a full-sized shower, basin and western toilet. The water pressure was great and there was plenty of hot water on tap for everyone to enjoy a good shower.

The Charmington La Pointe Apartment

The apartment was well maintained and presented.

As with the previous apartment, cleaning wasn’t included in the cost. We were asked to leave the apartment in a reasonable condition. Cleaning it was no problem as the owner left us with a decent supply cleaning product which made the job easy.

Service Experience

The owner was fantastic to deal with and had reasonably good English. This made communicating with him easy.

The instruction manual for the apartment was also thorough and easy to understand. Another good tick.

Check in

The check in process was very simple. We sent him a message via Airbnb to let him know we had checked in. He asked us to turn on the power and gave us verbal instructions for the hot water system.

That was pretty much all there was to it.

Check out

We had to be at the airport at the crack of dawn so messaged the owner the day before to ask if he needed anything from us. He told us that he was fine and didn’t need anything else.

He also asked us to turn off the main power before we left, which we did.

Again, a simple process and the owner contacted us to thank us for leaving the apartment in a clean and tidy manner.

Happy renters, happy owner.


The Charmington La Pointe apartment came to VND578,000 (~USD25.00 / ~AUD35) per night. Not a bad deal for what it offered in return.

That’s our stay at Charmington La Pointe apartment

The apartment did have one negative and that was that it doesn’t comfortably cater for three adults. Even when we asked about the accommodations for a third person before we made the booking.

The spare mattress was all of 4cm thick and not comfortable to sleep on at all. The couch isn’t big enough to accommodate a person over five foot tall either.

Nor is it comfortable to sleep on.

While me made it work, we wouldn’t recommend booking it for three adults.

That was the only grump about our stay here, everything else was positive! The supermarket downstairs was fantastic and offered a lot. We can definitely recommend the breakfast banh mi for VND10,000 (~USD0.40 / ~AUD0.60) each. They are super tasty and filling.

We would definitely recommend a stay here! Great apartment, great location, great stay!

Thank you for reading about our stay at the Charmington La Pointe apartment. If you want to see more on this apartment, then have a look at our apartment tour vlog.

Hope this was of use but if you’re looking for more info, then try Our Two Cents Page.

See you in the next one…

The FITO Museum

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history of Vietnamese medicine

Why it’s worth visiting the FITO Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

We found the FITO Museum on our third visit to Ho Chi Minh City. We did wonder why it took us so long to discover this little gem?

Our first visit was more about the war museums and trying to learn something about Vietnam’s history. Which we morbidly achieved.

The second was to explore some famous landmarks, which we achieved too.

This time round though, we were looking for a unique experience that we hadn’t found on social media. Did we achieve this?

What is an Airbnb in Ho Chi Minh City like?

We sure did and it was an interesting journey of discovery!

How we found the FITO Museum

 Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history of Vietnamese medicine

We were staying in an Airbnb in district 10 and knew nothing of the area. So, we did what we usually do. When in doubt, Google Map it, and that’s what we did.

The intention was to find a specific ATM in the area. Instead we found a listing for something called the FITO Museum. This had us intrigued so we investigated it further.

I’m not a healing or medicine nut at all. The idea that medicine stems from centuries of brave people trying all sorts of plants, barks and leaves fascinates me and so did this.

It didn’t take us long to decide that we had to go see it.

The basics

There are two museums to choose from.

The first is, the FITO Museum covering traditional Vietnamese medicine (the one we went to).

The second is, the FITO Museum covering the history of traditional Vietnamese pharmacies

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese Medicine

In case you’re wondering, the ‘FITO’ isn’t an acronym, but rather a play on the Greek work ‘phyto’ which means plant or relating to plant.  Clever really!

Both are privately owned by one family with a passion for preserving traditional Vietnamese medicine.

You can go through the museum on your own or take up one of the tours. We recommend the tour and here’s why.

Your tour guide will likely be one of the family members which is awesome!

That means you get a first-hand account of what goes into this museum. Not to mention the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes tit-bits you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It makes for a genuinely fun experience.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese medicine

If you opt for the tour, set aside about two hours for the whole experience. This also includes the complimentary tea at the end.

If tours aren’t your thing, you can still go through the museum on your own.  There are small plaques with descriptions but they don’t give you the whole story.  This is a good option if your short on time as you could zip through it a lot faster than the tour.

But where’s the fun in that?

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese medicine

The FITO museum consists of four floors. Each jammed packed with interesting historical info and relics. There is an elevator for use or you can mill between the floors using the stairs.

The museum is family friendly too. We’d recommend leaving the stroller (pram), at the entrance or home as it can get tight in some of the smaller rooms.

What did we think of the FITO Museum?

As we said before, this was an awesome experience for us. We’ve never seen anything like this before. Something that is becoming harder to find on our travels.

Also, it was interesting to learn about something completely different too. How many people think to learn about traditional medicine while on holiday?

The FITO museum has some cool stuff too

The skeleton of the museum consists on an authentic healer’s house originally from Hanoi.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese Medicine

The most amazing part about a healer’s house was that every detail had a reason or meaning behind it.

The details in this one are exquisite. The support structures featured beautiful hand carved wood and intricate inlays of nacre.  Even the roof tiles had delicate stamps on their backs. Each stamp depicting a flower relating to one of the four seasons. Each tile seated in the correct placement in accordance with its season.

Small things are everywhere

The FITO Museum is home to thousands of artifacts, herbs and plants. Some pieces dating back to the stone age!  Can you imagine that?

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history of Vietnamese medicine

Every floor tells a story too. There is even a replica of a traditional pharmacy in all it’s original detail. You can dress up in traditional garments and take photos. Or if you’re super keen you can try your hand at cutting and grinding some dried herbs using traditional tools.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese medicine

The botanical library in this museum is gorgeous. Each specimen painted in great detail, listing both its scientific and common names.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history of Vietnamese medicine

The best part was picking the guide’s brain. We could ask him about any of plants and he was be able to tell us where it’s from, what it’s used for and in what form it’s dispensed.

Smelling tea

Special mention also goes to sniffing the giant jars of herbal teas. Not the kind you buy in the supermarket either. These were actual herbal teas to treat ailments or just boost the immune or keep up your good health.

We were expecting them to smell rank. Much to our surprise they had very pleasant aromas and we had to wondering what they taste like. Unfortunately that option wasn’t available to us, but had it been, we would have been first in line to try them.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese medicine

You herbed it here 

The room containing hundreds of jars of herbs was fascinating. Each jar displaying it’s name, use and dangers. Yup, some can be if used wrong.

Echinacea for example is actually poisonous. Who knew?! Hence why it is carefully prescribed and only under the right circumstances. That one had us thinking about supermarket varieties for sure!

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese medicine

We were also fascinated to learn the process behind becoming a doctor in Vietnam.

Most students opt learn both Western and Vietnamese medicine. While Western medicine takes four years, Vietnamese medicine takes an extra five years! This room was the reason why.  Can you imagine having the ability to know about the healing properties of hundreds of plants off by heart? Not to mention what it takes to get to that point? Hats off to those who master the technique!

Nice finishing touch

At the end of the tour we received a complimentary cup of lingzhi tea. It’s made from this large red, highly sought-after mushroom with the same name which is strangely found in the Americas.

It’s meant to support both your immune system and cardiovascular health.  It also has a long list of other benefits too but I can’t remember them all.

It  tasted all right  and much like one would imagine mushroom steeped water tasting like. Would we have it again?  Probably not, but there are thousands who would.

Have you tried lingzhi tea before?  Want to share your experience with us?

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City FITO Museum history Vietnamese medicine


To get into the FITO Museum, you need to buy a ticket at the counter on the ground floor.

Adult tickets are VND120,000 (~USD 5.00 / ~AUD7.00) and for kids (less than 1.2m in height) it’s VND60,000 (~USD2.50 / ~AUD3.50).

This might seem a little steep for a 2-hour visit, be we thought it was value for what you got from the experience.

There is also a good selection of traditional medicines and books for sale on the ground floor.

The books looked interesting but they only had Vietnamese copies on the day so we didn’t buy it. Shame really, as it would have made a great addition to the travel collection back home.

Would we recommend the FITO Museum?

Absolutely. It’s an unconventional attraction but fun and interactive if you want it to be. Plus, you get to see real books on ancient healing methods, cool relics and learn a kick-ass story at the same time. (That’s Tash’s history geek coming out, LOL)

That’s a brief on our visit to FITO Museum. I could tell you so much more about it but don’t want to give away all the fun. If you want to know more, go and visit it, it’s fun!

If you want to learn more about our other experiences, then head on over to the Our Two Cents page, where we tell you all about our adventures. Or if you want to see what we get up to, then check out our Leon and Tash channel.

Thanks for reading all about our visit and we look forward to seeing you in the next post…

Coco Beachcamp La Gi

Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar

A day at the beach with Coco Beachcamp

Wondering what to do in when you’re in La Gi?  This small seaside town located in the southern province of Binh Thuan, Vietnam is not a well-known travel destination.  What makes it popular with the crowds are the few resorts scattered along the beach on the outskirts of town. These resorts are local favorites but fast becoming more popular with foreign visitors. One in particular caught our attention. Coco Beachcamp!


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


The LTXtraordinary Road Trip: Leg 8 Phan Thiet to La Gi


What drew us to it? La Gi was a quick stop on our motorcycle ride from Phan Thiet to Ho Chi Minh City, but we discovered it had a resort with something on it that we were keen to see!


How we found Coco Beachcamp

Our initial interest in La Gi was the unique accommodation options on offer at Coco Beachcamp.

We loved the idea of an overnight stay in one of their cute and colorful caravans. Unfortunately, the price tag for one night’s accommodation was out of our budget.

Much to our delight, we found that we could go for a day visit and enjoy the other facilities they have on offer.

That wasn’t the only thing that drew us. (Cue intrigued eyebrows)

Leon and I are anything-with-wheels obsessed!  Coco Beachcamp had a unique piece of memorabilia (for us anyway), sitting right on their beach. It was in the shape of a familiar little car called a 1969 Mazda Familia that we haven’t seen in a long time back home.

So, naturally we had to go and have a look.


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


We found Coco Beachcamp while looking for accommodation options in La Gi. It was a stop over destination on our way back to Ho Chi Minh City and the last leg on the southern loop of our LTXtraordinary Road Trip.

While we didn’t end up there, we did find a convenient and great little budget number called, Hien Lan Guest House Hien Lan Guest house.

(PS: those are affiliate links. You don’t pay extra to use them. By using them you help us earn a small commission that keeps us on the road to tell you about more awesome places like these! Thank you for your support, we appreciate it!)



Things to do on Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


Coco Beachcamp sits on Cam Binh Beach located on Le Minh Cong road, off Nguyen Du which is approximately a five-minute ride down the QL55 from La Gi town.

We had our two Honda Wave’s to get us there but if you don’t have your own wheels then there are plenty of taxi’s available from town. We’re not sure if GRAB is available or not. If you know, feel free to share in the comments below.


Haven’t used Grab before? Then let us introduce you and you get a discount code to use on your very first ride.

The basics

Day pass

As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to stay here to enjoy the facilities. We paid VND50,000 (~USD2.15 / ~AUD3.00) per person to enjoy the facilities for the day.

On offer is a massive bar with full services including non-alcoholic options.

There is a massive food and dessert menu available too. One of the things that attracted us to the day visit option, was their menu specials listed at the entry gate.

Unfortunately, none of those options were available when we asked. We opted not to order from the main menu as the prices were inflated for the tourist market.


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar

Chill at the beach on a whole different level

What we did love about Coco Beachcamp was the awesome chill beach vibe!

Vibrant colors splashed everywhere with neat beach-themed decor and super friendly staff.

There were plenty of neat spots to sit and enjoy a beverage or meal, ranging from deck chairs to swings to loungers.

It’s also an Instagram haven with many ‘prop’ areas set up for that perfect photo op. We’re not so great at the Insta game, LOL, but we did get a few good shots.


What is there to do?

Feeling adventurous? Then they have you covered for water sport, beach games or you can try your hand at a volleyball or football game.

Just want to chill?  Head on over to the outdoor cinema or the pool. If you want to keep it low key you can soak up the sunshine on the perfect powdery white beach.

On Saturdays and Sundays, they go all out with beach parties where you can dance till the wee hours of the morning. (This is where staying the night might come in handy).

They cater for pretty much everyone.


Who would enjoy this epic beach spot?


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


Coco Beachcamp will suit pretty much anybody that loves a good day at the beach.

We were there on a week day and it was almost deserted but we hear it goes off on weekends. We would have loved to try out the beach parties but we had a schedule to keep to, and sadly missed out.

The waves were a little on the wild side due to an incoming storm, but it looked like a safe enough beach.  If you don’t like the idea of swimming in the sea, they have a pool available on the grounds too. Yay!

Also, on weather. We had a bit of weird day. It started off super hot and sunny but it soon turned into a massive storm, and it happened quick. We simply moved from the deck chairs to the undercover bar seating and watched mother nature in awe.



Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. While we didn’t stay the night in the caravan, we did have great day at the beach and made some awesome memories to look back on.  It was worth the visit just for that.

The only down side for us was the over inflated prices for everything, but we were expecting that.

Also, we saw people take their own food onto the premises. We couldn’t find any info on this or if there is a cost involved but would say it was very likely.



As mentioned before, we paid VND50,000 (~USD2.15 / AUD3.00) per person for the day pass. This was more than enough to enjoy a great day out.

They do offer other packages that include food and alcohol as well as some of the water sports.  It all depends on what you want from your day.

The day pass included parking and we decided to give the parking attendant a tip for his efforts in looking after the Waves. It’s not compulsory, just a personal choice for us on this occasion.


Would we recommend Coco Beachcamp?

If you find yourself in or around La Gi and looking for something to do, then this is the spot for you. It can be a relaxing fun day, exciting water adventure or a good old beach party.  You choose!


Want more?

Want to see more about the accommodation options and facilities? Then have a look at our Coco Beachcamp La Gi vlog.

Hope this was of use. If you’re looking for more info on Vietnam destinations, then have a look at where we’ve been so far in our Destinations page or Our Two Cents page.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one…

Two days in Cam Ranh

Two days in Cam Ranh things to do in Cam Ranh

Two days in charming Cam Ranh 

After a fantastic stay in Tuy Hoa, it was time to hit the road and head to the next destination on our list. Cam Ranh was a planned overnight stop. On the ride down though, we discovered there was more to what we thought was a sleepy little coastal town.

We ended up staying two nights to do a bit of exploring and found some interesting things along the way.

First impressions of Cam Ranh

We thought Cam Ranh sat on the coast, next to Bai Dai beach. As it turned out it was a bit inland and right next to main highway, QL1A, instead. It happens to be one of the busier roads in Vietnam and the traffic is insane! More on that in our travel vlog.

Despite the unexpected location, Cam Ranh is full of charm and authentic Vietnam. Our visit here turned out to be a bit of fun on a short stop.

Accommodation in Cam Ranh


We opted for a budget hotel that wasn’t far from our intended route. Motel 42 Cam Ranh (Nha Ngi 42) sits just off QL1A, at 42 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Cam Loc, Cam Ranh. The two nights cost us VND400,000 (~USD17.20) all up. Not a bad deal at all. (PS: that is an affiliate link.  You don’t pay extra to use it but we do get a small commission and that helps keep us on the road longer and to tell you about more awesome places like this one!)

On arrival we met the colorful Loe (pronounced Lo-E) who had plenty of questions and a few stories to tell us.

He was most intrigued by our age and state of childlessness and had a lot of questions about why we chose Vietnam. Loe will certainly be a fond memory for us.

The room


Cam Ranh

The room was bigger than expected for a budget option and that’s a bonus for us. It was modestly furnished with a queen bed and small table and chairs. For comfort we had both an AC and fan, as well as a decent sized TV with ALL the cable channels.  (It means we get to catch up on some MotoGP action where possible.)

The bathroom was spacious too but unfortunately didn’t have any hot water. This was the first time we experienced the infamous Vietnamese cold shower. But it didn’t bother us much. We were expecting it based on a few reviews we’ve read of accommodation around Vietnam.


Cam Ranh


Our stay

The location and room were perfect for a short stop. We had no gripes except maybe for the constant traffic noise coming from the main highway.  The excessive honking all ours of the day and night got a tad irritating.

But that was the only negative!  Overall, we enjoyed our stay and Loe was an absolute treat!

What to eat in Cam Ranh

When planning our overnight stays, we also look for locations for food and supplies. This included things like meals, coffees, gas station, drinking water, etc. When riding motorcycles for four to six hours at a time, the last thing we feel like is running around looking for food and supplies.

Com Ga

Cam Ranh not only gave us an option for com ga (our favourite dish!) but it was chicken and rice with a new addition!

Our meal arrived in a colorful combo of broken rice, chicken and a heap of pickled veggies and fresh herbs.  Nicely finished off with a dollop of mayonnaise.

The surprise was the cute little bowl of soup that came with it. It was a lovely light chicken broth with fresh herbs and a poached quail’s egg in it. We haven’t come across this combo before and it was delicious! And for VND50,000 (~USD2.15) for both meals, it was a absolute score!

We enjoyed it so much that we ended up going back on our second night. If you’re ever in Cam Ranh, we recommend the com ga (chicken and rice) at Com Ga Hai on Huyinh Thuc Khang.

Cam Ranh

Roadside Banh Bao

We also tried a roadside banh bao vendor located on the corner of Duong Le Duan and Hai Muoi Hai Thang Tam. They were fresh, fluffy and super tasty! Not to mention a steal at VND20,000 (~USD0.85) for two of them.

Where to find coffee in Cam Ranh

Trying to order a hot coffee

No visit is complete without trying a local coffee and there were plenty of options to choose from in Cam Ranh.

Our first visit was to this tiny hole in the wall next to the hotel. There was no English available so we tried our hand at ordering a drink in our limited Vietnamese.

We ended up with another iced coffee. It wasn’t bad, except for the fact that it was absolutely pouring down with rain and cold as anything. At a cost of VND24,000 (~USD1.00) for both coffees, we weren’t complaining and they were good too, for a cheap coffee.

Cam Ranh

Cafe Phin Cam Ranh

The next morning, we went for a wander and found a huge café around the corner and right on the highway. Not sure of the name as we didn’t get a menu or a receipt and there were several names up on the building itself.

This time round we managed to order a hot coffee with milk and when it arrived, we had a good giggle about it. Because in front of us were two glass cups, sitting a tiny tin bucket of hot water and a phin on top of each.

We’ve never seen coffee this way before and it was funny. Ingenious but funny. That round set us back VND30,000 (~USD1.30) and again a cheap, good local coffee!

Cam Ranh

Trying our first milk tea

We did try something new this time round and that was the infamous milk tea that we see everywhere.

It took us a long time to get use to cold coffee and we definitely couldn’t see the appeal in cold tea. Tra Sua SIP is this hip little spot on Nguyen Thai Hoc and they were hopping!

We got there just as they opened and it didn’t take long for people to start piling in. Before we knew it, motorcycles were adding to the madness, queuing up for take away orders.

The teas were amazingly yummy too and looked very pretty. Not how I ever thought I’d describe a beverage, but there you have it.

They only cost VND32,000 (~USD1.40), which makes them a great and cheap alternative to coffee and we can see why they are popular.

Cam Ranh

We are now on the lookout for more of these milk tea shops.  If you want to see what we find, then keep an eye on our #snackingourchops hashtag on Insta for more updates.

Bai Dai Beach

Apart from the fact that Cam Ranh was within our 200km/day travel distance, it was also home to Bai Dai beach. You don’t hear much about this beach as it’s more famous cousin Nha Trang is a short distance away and usually in the lime light.

On day two we decided to go for a tiki-tour to check it out and see if we could actually get to the beach. (See our travel day blog for more on this.)

See, when we rode past it on our way into Cam Ranh, we couldn’t see this famous landmark at all. All we could see were the scores of gigantic hotels and resorts in different stages of construction. Every site hidden behind tall barriers. At that point we thought we’d never see the beach which was a little sad.

Cam Ranh

Found the beach!

We did find a way to it in the end and it was an amazingly beautiful beach! It was as beautiful as all the fuss we’d read about.

Pristine powdery white sand with the clearest blue water we’ve seen in a while. We didn’t think to take our togs before we went out there. A swim would have been amazing!

Sadly, it is slowly being overtaken by large resort companies and we fear it may disappear in a sea of resorts soon. It’s still worth a look if you’re out that way. If you do, go for a swim and let us know if it is as amazing as it looked!

Cam Ranh

The unusual memorial

One of our other finds was this huge memorial located at the northern end of the beach. We’re not sure what it commemorated as there was no English available and no one to ask.

We believe it may be a memorial to fallen soldiers but not sure from which war or what year.  It would have been nice to tell you more about it.

The grounds and statues were beautifully done and it was a very peaceful spot to visit.

Cam Ranh

Overall impression of Cam Ranh

For a small town it does offer a lot on a short visit!

Besides the endless options to eat and have a coffee at, there are also two full sized supermarkets.

Finding someone to help us out with Xorf’s flat rear wheel was a little harder. The kind man we did find in the end, was super efficient, honest and did a great job of getting us back on the road.

Cam Ranh

How much did it cost?

Below is a simple breakdown of costs for our two day visit.

Expenses VND USD (approx.)
Accommodation (2 nights) 400,000 17.15
Food and groceries 168,600 7.20
Beverage (non-alcoholic) 86,000 3.70
Motorbikes  fuel and repairs 325,000 13.90
Total 979,600 41.95

What’s next

We’re heading to Phan Rang next! We will spend a few days to explore a famous ancient Cham village and try some local legendary food spots. Make sure to tune in for more on that visit.

And don’t forget to hit the road with us on travel days. We cover those in our LTXtraordinary page as well as our vlogs.

Thank you so much for experiencing this adventure with us!

See you in the next one…