My Ha Hotel Tuy Hoa

My Ha Hotel

Hustle and bustle-free My Ha Hotel

My Ha Hotel was our friendly and professional budget accommodation option in Tuy Hoa. Let us tell you why we enjoyed our stay here so much…

My Ha Hotel
Location honestly, wasn’t high on the priority list for Tuy Hoa. Because we planned on being here for a while, it was more about overall cost than location.
It turned out to be a great hotel in a great spot. We were away from all the hustle and bustle of the city to focus on the task at hand but still close enough to be part of the action. This was great for getting work done and not feeling cooped up.

How we found My Ha Hotel

My Ha Hotel

If you’ve seen our Vietnam accommodation vlog, you will know that we use HotelsCombined to find the best options. That is exactly where we found My Ha Hotel. (PS: those are affiliate links. You don’t pay extra to use it but we do get a small commission and that helps keep us on the road longer and to tell you about more awesome places like this one!)


Situated in the in the quieter and newer side, north of the city center at, C13 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 5. And we call it quiet now because it’s the newer part of town, but that might not be the case for long.

My Ha is conveniently surrounded by heaps of restaurants and coffee shops, all with great selections and price ranges to match any budget.  There is also a four story Vincom mall five minutes down the road. It offers a supermarket, cinema, food court and decent selection of shopping options.

The beach and local night market is only a ten minute walk away and the city center a short GRAB or taxi ride away. We did walk there one night and it took us about 15 minutes.


My Ha Hotel offers two types of rooms.

The standard rooms sit in the middle of the building and they are the cheaper of the two options. There are no windows in these rooms, but they are big enough to not feel hemmed in and comfortable enough for a long stay.

The bigger rooms are at the front of the building, they offer more space and each one has a decent sized balcony with a nice view towards Mui Yen.

Our bikes also enjoyed a spot inside which we thought was awesome! It was peace of mind knowing they were secure and well looked after too.

My Ha Hotel

There was only one thing that could have improved our stay and that was laundry facilities, which My Ha Hotel doesn’t offer. We did find two options not far down the road so it wasn’t a huge issue, just a convenient factor.

Our Rooms

We stayed in the standard room for the first week and why we think it’s suitable for both long and short stays.

Furnished with a comfortable, soft (i.e more western) full-size queen bed and proper duvet!

The room also had a small desk area and wardrobe, cable TV, AC and fan.

The en suite was small but had a good layout. A separate shower with plenty of hot water and pressure, a basin and western toilet.

We moved to one of the bigger rooms as soon as one became available and that was an absolute treat! For one, we could use both sides of the bed and not have to clamber all over each other; and two, it had the perfect balcony for a beer and nibbles after a long day of work (or hanging on at the beach).

You’ll have to fight for these! Compared to other options in the same location, My Ha Hotel is very affordable and why it’s a winner with the local tourists. We have a suspicion it may have something to do with all the wedding venues down the road. But don’t quote us on that, lol!

My Ha Hotel

The deluxe room offers plenty of space with the same great bed and bedding as well as a bigger en suite with the same hot water and pressure we enjoyed in the standard room.

My Ha Hotel

Don’t laugh, we’ve had some strange things happen during room swaps. LOL!

A high standard of maintenance and housekeeping is evident here and is a big plus for a hotel in this price range. It really was a pleasure to stay here.

Service Experience

Tien and his team did a fantastic job of making us feel welcome and comfortable!

Language was a bit of barrier to start off with but after a day or two of mastering Google translate,  we were able to communicate better.


Our 7 night stay in a standard room came to VND1,233,500.

The 7 nights in the deluxe balcony room cost VND2,100,000 (a fair bit more but worth it in our minds)

The total cost for the two weeks came in at VND3,333,500 (~USD143.00).

Not bad for US10-ish a night, right?

That’s it for our stay at My Ha Hotel

We’ve said it already but we did enjoyed our stay in My Ha Hotel and will gladly stay here again! If you have stayed here before, let us know in the comments what your thoughts on it was, we’d love to hear all about it.

Thanks again Tien, we really appreciate all your time and effort.

Wondering what else is in Tuy Hoa?

We loved our time in Tuy Hoa. If you want to read more about our visit, then head on over to our Tuy Hoa destination blog for more.

Even though we spent most of our time here working we did get to go out and explore too. More on this beautiful town in our Tuy Hoa sightseeing blog.

Hope this was of use but if you’re looking for more info, then try Our Two Cents Page.

Thanks, and see you in the next one…

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Snacking our Chops in Tuy Hoa

Where to eat in Tuy Hoa? We go out snacking our chops in Tuy Hoa to share with you!

There are plenty of food and beverage options on offer. Food can get a little tricky, if like us, you’re not into seafood.

Snacking our Chops in Tuy Hoa

Luckily, we found ways around this dilemma. Other options included fast food, the local Vinmart supermarket as well as finding a couple of favorites along the way.

Dac Loc Coffee

This four-story behemoth caught our attention while out on an evening walk.

We thought it was a wedding venue at first.  There were plenty on that stretch. It had the hallmark lavish water fountains, decorated outdoor space and fancy furniture.

On the walk back, we found it packed with locals enjoying beverages of all kind. It was in fact, a coffee shop.  A really big one!

The next morning, we decided to try it out and see if we could use it as a work space.


Dac Loc Coffee sits on Hung Vuong, at the northern end of town. Even though it sits right on the main road it has a very relaxed atmosphere. There was no shortage of seating and most of it was fairly private too. That’s rare for a Vietnamese coffee house of this size.

Their hours are 6AM to 9PM and breakfast service is between 6AM and 10AM.

On weekends you’ll struggle to get a seat outside or in the alfresco area as it they are super popular with the locals. Don’t be shy to explore all four stories though, you might find a couple of nice spots to sit at.

Menu options

They offer a great selection of beverages ranging from local and western style coffees to smoothies, sodas and more.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is a choice of gelato and yummy deserts.

And their breakfast options are simple but tasty and filling. More on that next.

Best part is their prices are super affordable!


snacking our chops in tuy hoa

Here is where we discovered our new favorite breakfast meal, banh mi opla. It consists of a bread roll, two fried eggs and a small fresh salad. What stood out about Dac Loc’s version was that theirs included house-made pork roll and fresh pate.

Doesn’t sound like much I know, but that simple combination was just the right amount of not too heavy and not too light.

Also on offer was;

Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef soup) VND40,000 (~USD1.70),

Com Tam (rice, egg and pork) VND35,000 (~USD1.50),

Banh Mi with Ca Hop (bread roll and tuna) VND30,000 (~USD1.30),

Com Ga (chicken and rice) VND25,000 (~USD1.10) and,

Chao Bo Cau (pigeon soup) VND25,000 (~USD1.10).


snacking our chops in tuy hoa

Dac Loc’s coffees were heavenly too! Leon tried something new called a bac xiu, which in essence is the Vietnamese version of a latte. A burst of strong coffee topped up with a mix of fresh and condensed milk. Way too sweet for me, but it was a coffee made just for Leon and his sweet tooth.

It was the first time since Da Lat that I found a decent latte too. I know it’s not a traditional Vietnamese coffee but I’m not used to the super strong coffee here, so when I see a latte, I try it!

Prices range from VND15,000 (~USD0.65) for a simple black coffee to VND35,000 (~USD1.50) for a latte.

Overall impression

Needless to say, Dac Loc became our breakfast usual during our stay in Tuy Hoa.

The biggest bonus was the cost. The two coffees and two meals only cost us VND160,00 (~USD6.85) all up, making it a great budget friendly meal.

Oh, and it didn’t quite work out as a working space, but that was okay as we had plenty of room at our hotel to do that. It was worth trying out.

Vinmart supermarket

This might sound like an odd place to list as a food and beverage option but here’s why it’s on our list.

During the day the ready-made section had a few good selections of hot dishes available. The combo included a hot option (fish, meat or veggie), with a side of rice, a bag of soup and hot sauce for around VND78,000 (~USD3.30).

At night you can buy pre-packaged options. On offer was chicken and rice, veggies and noodles, noodles and spring rolls and some fish dishes.  That was a few of the options we can remember.

If those options didn’t work for us we simply made our own ham and cheese rolls with side of fruit. Or for something different we’d chicken and mayo sandwiches and add a bakery treat for desert.

Also on offer, was a massive selection of instant noodles. Not our favorite but they do come in handy in a pinch.

The total cost for supermarket supplies came to VND577,724 (~USD35.00). Not bad for two weeks of supermarket options!

snacking our chops in tuy hoa


Lotteria is a fast food restaurant similar to Jolibee or KFC. We don’t eat there much as we try to stay away from fast food options.

On average a two-piece chicken and chips combo and a chicken burger combo will set us back approx. VND199,00 (~USD12.00) and it’s not bad value for money either. Cooked fresh and hot while you wait and we didn’t need much to fill us up either.


Towards the end of our stay I was craving a spagbol. We see them everywhere we go, except for Tuy Hoa. Or so we thought.

On our way to Lotteria we stumbled across a little restaurant called Hotto.

It’s here I found spagbol and Leon tried the open burger version.

Despite our reservations about what to expect, we were both pleasantly surprised with our meals. They were fresh, flavorsome and filling and only set us back VND167,00 (~USD10.00), which wasn’t bad for ‘western’option.

I don’t know if I’d recommend it based on this one experience but if I see another one, I’d definitely try it again.

snacking our chops in tuy hoa

Night market eats

Usually we find something tasty at the local night markets for dinner (where we can find them), but the one in Tuy Hoa didn’t have any food. While it was a first, it certainly wasn’t completely unusual.

Roadside meals

We did find one roadside stall/restaurant set up, called Nhau Dem Ba Ken. It was the one place not advertising seafood so, we thought we’d try it out. Turned out to be an hilarious evening.

There was no English on the menu and we had to rely on Google translate to aid in the ordering process. We thought we ordered BBQ corn on the cobb and chicken drum sticks but it wasn’t what we got! LOL!

Instead we got spicy corn kernels and chicken feet!

The intent was to see what turned up and try to order more, but I wasn’t keen after the chicken feet. Leon loved the feet, me not so much.

The corn was delicious and surprisingly filling so it wasn’t a bad experience, just a funny one.

We did a vlog on our ‘translate meal’, feel free to have a laugh with us.

snacking our chops in tuy hoa

Local Favorite

When in doubt, hunt down a banh mi vendor. They are everywhere. Tuy Hoa didn’t disappoint in the banh mi department either. There were plenty of tasty variations available too.

Our roadside banh mi cost VND50,000 (~USD3.00) for two. It was in the higher side but it was also chockers with delicious fresh ingredients!

That’s it for #snackingourchops in Tuy Hoa

We love our food and beverages and the selections above were the highlights of our Tuy Hoa visit. They were by no means the only thing we ate or drank on this visit.

If you want to see more of the stuff we snack our chops on, then check out our hashtag #snackingourchops.  It covers all the other delicious treats we try.

The Snacking our Chops page also has more food and beverage guides like this one, feel free to check them all out!

We vlog about our Vietnam adventures, feel free to have a gander!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one…

snacking our chops in tuy hoa

Sightseeing in Tuy Hoa

Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa

Sightseeing in Tuy Hoa?? Where is it and is there much to see?


Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


This gorgeous seaside town bowled us over with stunning scenery and amazing people.

We made the stop here to catch up on work and it was the perfect chill spot to get it done.

But, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the bikes out to go sightseeing in Tuy Hoa.

The Tuy Hoa Hill

Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


The first thing you notice about Tuy Hoa is the lone hill north of the city.

From our balcony we could see buildings and communications towers at the top.  We could also see a road winding up to the crest but found it strange that we couldn’t see it on Google maps. Curiosity got the better of us and we decided to go out there and have a look!

We managed to find it but half way up the hill, big red warning signs started popping up. They warned not to take any photos or video beyond that point which was a shame because the view was amazing!

We took some photos in the safe zone and then packed away all the equipment before heading to the top.

Arriving at the top of the hill we suddenly realized what all the warning signs were about.  It was a military instillation.

There were a couple of military personnel who came up to greet us and we had a friendly chat with one, but didn’t linger.  The visit was long enough to let them know that we meant no harm and  then got on our way.

It’s the perfect vantage point and the view from up there is amazing but we don’t recommend going up there.  Better to be safe than sorry.



Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


The hill isn’t clearly marked on Google maps, and that should’ve been our first clue but it’s not hard to spot.

As we said, you can go up about half way before the warning signs starts but would recommend going any higher.

Halfway is still worth the visit for the view and it showed us another point of interest, which was our next stop.


Nhan Tower

Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


For many centuries, the Cham occupied what is now central to south Vietnam.

Their marvels of architecture still dot most of the region thanks to dedicated conservation efforts. This was also our first experience with one of these ancient cultural monuments.

The intricacies in design boggled the mind and we wonder how they knew to do all this so many centuries ago. And the fact that this building has withstood not only time but many wars, almost makes it a miracle.

The entrance to the tower is off Đường Lên Tháp Nhạn, on the river side of town. If you want to see the scenic part of town, make your way to the tower via Bach Dang. It follows the Song Da river from the beach and is a neat little excursion on its own.


What to know about Nhan Tower?

Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa Nhan Tower garden


Nahn Tower sits on top of a small hill surrounded by a beautiful garden. The views across the city and coastline are picture perfect so make sure you take your camera!

We do recommend going early morning or later in the afternoon. Especially in summer as there is minimal shade and it gets hot!

Tuy Hoa is hot and tropical most of the year but we’re told the best time to visit is between January and March.

Also, the park shuts between 11:30AM and 1:30PM daily for siesta, so plan your visit accordingly.

The tower is also an active temple and you can go inside, but there is a dress standard. Ladies, no singlets or shorts – make sure to cover your shoulders and knees. Gentlemen, no short shorts or singlets for you either.



Entry to Nhan Tower is free. We took our two motorbikes out there and paid VND6,000 (~USD0.25) for monitored parking.


Would we recommend Nhan Tower?

It’s definitely worth the visit if you are in Tuy Hoa and looking for something to do. We probably wouldn’t recommend going to Tuy Hoa specifically for Nhan Tower, but it’s great spot for awesome photos and a look around.


Cruising Tuy Hoa


Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


Tuy Hoa isn’t a tourist spot (yet), so there aren’t many touristy things to do. And that is this town’s biggest appeal! It is the quint essential spot to escape tourist hoards and just chill.

We went for a cruise around town and the beach to see what was on offer.

The ride along Bach Dang was fun! Here you can see all the fishing boats anchored in Song Da river.  On the other side of the road are all the local seafood restaurants and homes on the other.


Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


Everyday life here is so chill, we almost wanted to pack up and move there. LOL!

Our cruise took us all the way out to Phu Hoa before we made a u-turn to come back and ride along Tuy Hoa beach.

Perfect white sand beach and not a soul in sight during the day.

At 5PM it becomes a whole different world as the locals come out of hiding and the whole beach comes alive!

For little to do, we had a blast just sightseeing in Tuy Hoa!

Want to read more about this amazing coastal town? Then head over to our Tuy Hoa  blog.

Thanks for coming sightseeing with us in Tuy Hoa and if you have any questions or would like to add something, feel free to leave us a comment below.


Things to do in Vietnam Sightseeing Tuy Hoa


If you’re curious about our other Vietnam destinations, then head on over to either Destinations or Our Two Cents where we tell you more about everything! Over reading and just want pictures?  We got you covered on Insta. Or check out our vlogs on our Vietnam adventure!

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post…

Untouched Tuy Hoa

Experience a real slice of Vietnam without tourists

Tuy Hoa

Our intended destination was Quy Nhon but curiosity got the better of us and we started doing some research on what else there was up and down the coast.

That’s when we found a place with a strange name that we’ve never heard of called, Tuy Hoa. Further more, we couldn’t find much in the way of English information and that is gold. It told us that we found a rare untouched slice Vietnam and we had to go have a look.

It was a pleasant surprise to find a piece of untouched coastline and we couldn’t wait to get there!

The first thing that drew me to Tuy Hoa was that long stretch of sandy beach. The fact that there were only two hotels listed on that beach, was a good sign.

The second was that it looked like a decent sized town. Great for finding accommodation, food and beverages with relative ease.

Where is Tuy Hoa?

Tuy Hoa

This picturesque town sits next to Tuy Hoa beach and Da Rang river in the Phu Yen province of south-central Vietnam.

She is approx. 96 kilometers south of Quy Nhon and approx. 120 kilometers north of Nha Trang.

We were expecting a small village but found a bustling town with all the mod cons at our finger tips. Only thing that was missing, was English. LOL!

Where to stay in Tuy Hoa

Tuy Hoa

While researching the area, we found many accommodation options. They varied from guesthouses to home stays to hotels. No resorts yet. But the massive construction north of the town indicates that this may change soon.

What is the best way to look for accommodation in Tuy Hoa? We use HotelsCombined to find the best deals!

That’s how we found My Ha Hotel . (PS: That those affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything extra and we get a small commission which helps keep us on the road longer, so we can tell you about more awesome places like this one!)

We wrote a full review of our experience and you can read about it here.

Getting to and around Tuy Hoa

Getting to Tuy Hoa is pretty easy.

The most popular options include the train, bus or transfers.  And if none of those work for you, then you can fly there too. We were stunned to learn that Tuy Hoa has an airport.

Getting anywhere for us is easy because we own two Honda Waves and they get us everywhere!  (More on that in our LTXtraordinary Road Trip page too.)

Tuy Hoa

The bikes are a great way to get around town too but if you don’t have one, fret not, there are plenty of taxi’s around. GRAB is also available, but note that only the scooter/bike options are available there.

Another way to explore Tuy Hoa is simply by foot. We did a few foot patrols and enjoyed exploring nooks and crannies we wouldn’t see any other way.

Snacking our Chops

Tuy Hoa

Finding food wasn’t hard. What was hard was finding non-seafood options. We’re not seafood fans at all and do struggle a bit in seaside towns. But we never go hungry. We just get creative!

Lets talk #snackingourchops in Tuy Hoa.

Sightseeing in Tuy Hoa

Tuy Hoa

First off, the thing we loved most about Tuy Hoa was that it wasn’t a tourist hot spot! Consequently it meant there weren’t many things to go do and tell you about. We did go for a ride around town and we tell you all about it in our Tuy Hoa Sightseeing blog.

Getting the chores done


We had a laundry spot earmarked before we arrived in Tuy Hoa as we knew our hotel didn’t offer the service. But when we got there it was closed and there were no other listing showing on Google maps.

In the end we rode around the neighborhood. It didn’t take long to find another laundry place. Not only did they get our gear back to us on the same day, but they only charged us VND35,000 (~USD1.50) for almost 3kg. That’s an absolute bargain!

Showing the beasts some love

The bikes were due for a decent service. By now they’ve carried us half way through our southern loop!  We decided to take them to the team at Cuc Vinh Honda for some much deserved TLC.

Not only did the service team do an impressive job but the bill only came to VND560,00 (~USD24.00), including parts and labor. We couldn’t believe our eyes!

After an hour we rode away with two fully serviced Waves, two free caps and giant smiles.

Tuy Hoa

Traffic Tangle

The shiny-bike-feeling didn’t last long. Leon unfortunately got tangled up with another rider and sustained some damage to his rear brake and foot peg. Luckily both riders were ok and the other guy just rode back off into the distance.  LOL.  Strange place.

We didn’t think twice about where to take them. Leon headed straight back to Cuc Vinh Honda who had him safely back on the road within 10 minutes. To fix the two parts only cost us VND60,000 (~USD2.60) and we were back on the road. How’s that service?!

More on the servicing and tangle in our Tasks Day vlog.

Did Tuy Hoa burn a hole in our pocket?

Below is a snap shot of what our 14-day stay cost us. If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments or contact us via the link on our contact page.

Expenses VND USD (approx)
Accommodation 3,333,500 143.00
Laundry 35,000 1.50
Food and groceries 2,008,954 86.00
Beverage (non-alcoholic) 1,025,000 44.00
Alcohol 119,600 5.15
Activities 0 0
Bike services, fuel and accident repairs 670,00 29.00
Other (movie night) 90,000 3.85
Total 7,282,054 312.50

Thanks for reading about our visit to Tuy Hoa, we hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments, let us know below!

Want to see more? Head on over to Our Two Cents page for more on the other places we’ve been to so far. And if you’re so over reading by now, we got you covered in Insta too!

See you in the next one…

Tuy Hoa