Hien Lan Guest House La Gi

Hien Lan Guesthouse

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A great budget option for a short stay in La Gi

This little town looked like a perfect spot to break up a long motorcycle ride.  Hien Lan Guest House offered the best deal and facilities for our one-night stay so we signed up.

La Gi was our last stop before heading to the final destination in our southern loop of Vietnam. More on that on our LTXtraordinary Road Trip page.

One day at Coco Beachcamp

Our one-night stay quickly turned into a two-night stay, lol, and here’s why.

We did a bit of research to see what else was in the area and that’s when we discovered an interesting find at Coco Beachcamp. More on that in the link above.

How we found Hien Lan Guest House

Do you follow our Leon and Tash Channel? Then you would have seen our vlog on how we find the best accommodation options for our needs on the road.

Again, HotelsCombined gave us a few good deals to consider and we chose Hien Lan Guest house . We based this on it’s convenient location (close to our route, food, gas and activities) and price range.

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If you’re wondering where it is, then wonder no more. Hien Lan Guest House is located at the intersection of QL55 and Dinh Bo Linh.

The guest house sits a bit out of town but not too far to be a pain. If you’re like us and you have your own wheels then it’s a short and easy blat into town.

La Gi is small but offers a fair bit.  We found a large Co-op supermarket and decided to stock up on some nibbles and water.

While we were in town we also fueled up, there were a few gas stations to choose from.

(There was also a small gas station and convenience store across the road from Hien Lan that wasn’t on Google maps – thought we’d mention it.)

Hien Lan Guest House Facilities

The facilities were basic but perfect for our two-night stay.

The property is secured by two large gates each night, tucking it away from the main road, which helped with a bit of the road noise.

There were no food or beverage options available on site but we knew that when we booked it. There are plenty of road side food vendors on that stretch of QL55 and a small coffee cafe a couple of doors down.

We also had access to free WiFi but it wasn’t the best for getting any work done. Social media accounts were accessible but it was slow going.

Our Room

The room was huge and came with two double beds (extra blankets, yay!) with the more traditional Vietnamese mattresses which tend to be on the firmer side.

Hien Lan Guest House

Other furnishings included a table and chairs and a big double wardrobe too.

Hien Lan Guest House

The bathroom was big too and again had the Vietnamese style all in one set up with a western toilet, basin and shower.

Hien Lan Guest House

We had two nights of cold showers but didn’t mind too much as it was reasonably hot during our stay.

The room also came with a flat screen TV with cable channels, a decent air con unit and a fridge.

Both the bathroom and bedroom were nice and clean too.

The only thing that was missing was a rubbish bin, but we improvised with one of many plastic bags we carry with us. They seem to come in handy often.

Service Experience at Hien Lan Guest House

Check in was a little confusing. The person manning reception had to ring someone to talk to us which wasn’t unusual.

The problem was the new person was quoting us twice the price of our booking and that was a bit of a concern.

But after some discussion, we managed to convey that we already had a booking with a set price.

Turns out, they hadn’t checked their system and weren’t expecting us! But once they found the booking we were all good again.

It wasn’t an unpleasant experience and the staff were friendly and easy to deal with.


We paid VND250,000 (~USD11.00 / ~AUD15.00) per night for the double room which is a good price for the size of the room we got and on budget.

That’s our stay at Hien Lan Guest House

If you are considering a stay at Hien Lan Guest House we would suggest asking for a room at the back.

The double room was great but it was a bit noisy. We had to deal with people arriving at all hours of the night and the gate constantly opening and closing.

We don’t think it would be an issue in one of the rooms away from the parking area though.

For a couple of nights, it was a good budget option. If you’re in the market for something a little nicer then see out what else you can find in La Gi Vietnam.

We have a confession

I’ll be honest and say that I remember taking photos of the room and surroundings, but for the life of me I cannot find them. I did want to share the experience with you photos or not, so hope the post wasn’t too boring.

We found a couple of images from our vlog takes and apologize for the quality but hope it helps give you the gist of the Hien Lan Guest House. Thanks for your understanding.

What else is in La Gi?

It was only a quick visit and we’ve added the link to our awesome day at Coco Beachcamp above.

But if you’re curious about where else we’ve been and what we’ve done so far, then head on over to Our Two Cents page where tell you all about it.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post…

Coco Beachcamp La Gi

Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar

A day at the beach with Coco Beachcamp

Wondering what to do in when you’re in La Gi?  This small seaside town located in the southern province of Binh Thuan, Vietnam is not a well-known travel destination.  What makes it popular with the crowds are the few resorts scattered along the beach on the outskirts of town. These resorts are local favorites but fast becoming more popular with foreign visitors. One in particular caught our attention. Coco Beachcamp!


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


The LTXtraordinary Road Trip: Leg 8 Phan Thiet to La Gi


What drew us to it? La Gi was a quick stop on our motorcycle ride from Phan Thiet to Ho Chi Minh City, but we discovered it had a resort with something on it that we were keen to see!


How we found Coco Beachcamp

Our initial interest in La Gi was the unique accommodation options on offer at Coco Beachcamp.

We loved the idea of an overnight stay in one of their cute and colorful caravans. Unfortunately, the price tag for one night’s accommodation was out of our budget.

Much to our delight, we found that we could go for a day visit and enjoy the other facilities they have on offer.

That wasn’t the only thing that drew us. (Cue intrigued eyebrows)

Leon and I are anything-with-wheels obsessed!  Coco Beachcamp had a unique piece of memorabilia (for us anyway), sitting right on their beach. It was in the shape of a familiar little car called a 1969 Mazda Familia that we haven’t seen in a long time back home.

So, naturally we had to go and have a look.


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


We found Coco Beachcamp while looking for accommodation options in La Gi. It was a stop over destination on our way back to Ho Chi Minh City and the last leg on the southern loop of our LTXtraordinary Road Trip.

While we didn’t end up there, we did find a convenient and great little budget number called, Hien Lan Guest House Hien Lan Guest house.

(PS: those are affiliate links. You don’t pay extra to use them. By using them you help us earn a small commission that keeps us on the road to tell you about more awesome places like these! Thank you for your support, we appreciate it!)



Things to do on Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


Coco Beachcamp sits on Cam Binh Beach located on Le Minh Cong road, off Nguyen Du which is approximately a five-minute ride down the QL55 from La Gi town.

We had our two Honda Wave’s to get us there but if you don’t have your own wheels then there are plenty of taxi’s available from town. We’re not sure if GRAB is available or not. If you know, feel free to share in the comments below.


Haven’t used Grab before? Then let us introduce you and you get a discount code to use on your very first ride.

The basics

Day pass

As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to stay here to enjoy the facilities. We paid VND50,000 (~USD2.15 / ~AUD3.00) per person to enjoy the facilities for the day.

On offer is a massive bar with full services including non-alcoholic options.

There is a massive food and dessert menu available too. One of the things that attracted us to the day visit option, was their menu specials listed at the entry gate.

Unfortunately, none of those options were available when we asked. We opted not to order from the main menu as the prices were inflated for the tourist market.


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar

Chill at the beach on a whole different level

What we did love about Coco Beachcamp was the awesome chill beach vibe!

Vibrant colors splashed everywhere with neat beach-themed decor and super friendly staff.

There were plenty of neat spots to sit and enjoy a beverage or meal, ranging from deck chairs to swings to loungers.

It’s also an Instagram haven with many ‘prop’ areas set up for that perfect photo op. We’re not so great at the Insta game, LOL, but we did get a few good shots.


What is there to do?

Feeling adventurous? Then they have you covered for water sport, beach games or you can try your hand at a volleyball or football game.

Just want to chill?  Head on over to the outdoor cinema or the pool. If you want to keep it low key you can soak up the sunshine on the perfect powdery white beach.

On Saturdays and Sundays, they go all out with beach parties where you can dance till the wee hours of the morning. (This is where staying the night might come in handy).

They cater for pretty much everyone.


Who would enjoy this epic beach spot?


Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


Coco Beachcamp will suit pretty much anybody that loves a good day at the beach.

We were there on a week day and it was almost deserted but we hear it goes off on weekends. We would have loved to try out the beach parties but we had a schedule to keep to, and sadly missed out.

The waves were a little on the wild side due to an incoming storm, but it looked like a safe enough beach.  If you don’t like the idea of swimming in the sea, they have a pool available on the grounds too. Yay!

Also, on weather. We had a bit of weird day. It started off super hot and sunny but it soon turned into a massive storm, and it happened quick. We simply moved from the deck chairs to the undercover bar seating and watched mother nature in awe.



Things to do in Vietnam Coco Beachcamp Vietnam beach resort bar


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. While we didn’t stay the night in the caravan, we did have great day at the beach and made some awesome memories to look back on.  It was worth the visit just for that.

The only down side for us was the over inflated prices for everything, but we were expecting that.

Also, we saw people take their own food onto the premises. We couldn’t find any info on this or if there is a cost involved but would say it was very likely.



As mentioned before, we paid VND50,000 (~USD2.15 / AUD3.00) per person for the day pass. This was more than enough to enjoy a great day out.

They do offer other packages that include food and alcohol as well as some of the water sports.  It all depends on what you want from your day.

The day pass included parking and we decided to give the parking attendant a tip for his efforts in looking after the Waves. It’s not compulsory, just a personal choice for us on this occasion.


Would we recommend Coco Beachcamp?

If you find yourself in or around La Gi and looking for something to do, then this is the spot for you. It can be a relaxing fun day, exciting water adventure or a good old beach party.  You choose!


Want more?

Want to see more about the accommodation options and facilities? Then have a look at our Coco Beachcamp La Gi vlog.

Hope this was of use. If you’re looking for more info on Vietnam destinations, then have a look at where we’ve been so far in our Destinations page or Our Two Cents page.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one…