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When breakfast is an unexpected treat, you know you're at Avos and Mango

Strange combination, right? We’ll forgive you for thinking that, but a visit to Avos & Mango will be well worth your time.

You’ll be salivating over their delectable food and drinks menu in short order! All the while planning your next visit and next meal in the process.

We decided to try out this ‘best vegan spot’ in Hoi for breakfast and wished we were in town for longer to try more!

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How did we find Avos and Mango?

This was third visit to beautiful Hoi An on the central coast of Vietnam. After our last visit I noticed these beautiful Insta videos and photos pop up on our feed. Show casing all these interesting and unusual looking drinks and meals. They left my taste buds wanting more.

Sadly, we were a long way from Hoi An by then. We followed their account out of curiosity. Not to mention sheer enjoyment of watching their creations come to life. Hoping we’d be back one day to actually try it out.

Where is Avos and Mango?

It sits within easy walking distance from anywhere in Old Town at 82 Thái Phiên, Phường Minh An and is open from 8AM to 6:30PM everyday.

Our breakfast of champions

We’re not vegan, but we sometimes enjoy eating vegan meals for something different.

Exploring the Avos & Mango menu, we soon realized it’s not purely vegan. Anyone can find something to entice their taste buds here.

Why is Avos & Mango becoming a fast favorite with travelers? Simple. They offer fresh ingredients, well thought out menu options and creative ingredient collaborations.

Then there is the drinks menu. A whole new world on its own.

It starts with the simple and tasteful coffee selection. That extends out to their beautifully created sodas, unique milk teas and yummy smoothies.

There really is something for everyone!

Much to our delight, we found an item called a Western Breakfast, which was right up our ravenous alley.

On our plates of delight were;

  • Toast
  • Egg
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Fresh asparagus, and
  • Fresh green salad with sesame aioli.

It really did taste as good as it sounds.

To coffee or not?

Leon decided to go with his regular morning choice of ca phe phin (drip coffee). I decided to try something different, called a sugar juice tea.

It was a fusion between sugar juice, a local green tea and infused with ginger and carrot. Delicate and refreshing! A great alternative to Hoi An’s well-known super-kick-ass coffee.

Leon enjoyed his coffee so much he opted for seconds while I stuck to my sugar juice tea.

What did we think of our Avos and Mango experience?

The meal was well prepared, beautifully presented and the service was top notch.

The restaurant itself had a shabby-chic and eclectic feel to it. The decor well thought out for the space and the ambiance inviting and relaxing.

It’s the perfect spot for a slow beverage or vigorous group discussions. You choose.

We were expecting it to be jam-packed, given its popularity, but it was blissfully quiet. The perfect way to start the day.

Cost of breakfast

The Western Breakfast came to VND 80,000 (~USD 4.00 / ~AUD 5.00) each. While the beverages came at VND 38,000 (~USD 2.00 / ~AUD 2.50) for the ca phe phin and VND 35,000 (~USD 1.50 / ~AUD 2.00) for the sugar juice tea.

It was a sensational start to the day but it didn’t stop there either.

More treats!

Avos & Mango also sell other delicious goodies off the menu.

While we were waiting for our meals to arrive, we received two small bowls of nibbles. One contained coconut cake (it looked like square nacho chips). The other treat was sweet dried coconut shavings.

Mmmmm, that coconut cake was an instant hit! It disappeared in milliseconds and we found ourselves fighting for the crumbs too.

The best part is they share the love and you can buy both items from the counter before you scoot out. We opted for the medium bag at VND 45,000 (~USD 2.00 / ~AUD 2.70). There is also a large option to choose from.

Which we did naturally! I tried holding on to them for as long as I could, but a day and a half was the max. (They make great work buddies too hehe).

Also on offer were items like hibiscus flowers, dried citrus, a selection of teas and coffee beans to name a few. All of which make great gifts or just a little ‘from-me-to-me’ treat.

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Hooray for sustainable choices!

The take away experience at Avos & Mango will make you smile from ear to ear too.

No overuse of plastic, hoorah! They have eliminated as much of the unnecessary waste as possible by providing you with reusable tools.

Each take way order comes with a handmade string carry handle and a bamboo straw. Both items are reusable. Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ for effort!

But they didn’t stop there! Avos & Mango offer bamboo straws, bamboo spoons, bamboo forks and coconut bowls for sale. Heck, you can even buy the set to take with you on your travels or home as the best souvenir ever.

We bought the bamboo straws for VND10,000 (~USD0.42/ ~AUD0.60) and they are awesome. We’re kicking ourselves for not buying the set. There have already been two instances it could have come in very handy. Learn from us peeps!

Last but not least, they also have a beautiful selection of pottery available to buy. One of a kind pieces that have many uses. Each one with its own character. I would have bought half the shop if given half the chance. LOL!

We got so much more than we anticipated and loved our visit and why we can’t wait to go back on our next visit to Hoi An.

Just so you know, this is not a paid piece. We have not received any compensation for writing this piece. We genuinely enjoyed our visit here and wanted to share it with our Tribe.

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