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About us

How did we get on this page?

We’re Leon and Tash, husband and wife who ditched the 9 to 5 grind to find new adventures and new friends. We want to share our experiences to entertain and inspire others to travel.

We’re from New Zealand and this little piece of heaven is usually where we go when we shoot ‘home’ for a quick visit. We say visit because we’ve been travelling abroad for the last ten years, most of it living in Australia.

We had every intention to see a whole lot more than we’ve seen so far but it hasn’t been as much as we would like to. On a trip last year we realized at this rate we weren’t going to see as much as we want to either. So, in true Leon and Tash fashion, we came up with another crazy harebrained idea.

In 2016 we did our first backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. Given that we’re in our late thirties, we weren’t sure how that was going to end up. We usually travel well within our comfort zone and that was as far from it as we could get. The five weeks spent in Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali revitalized our hunger for travel. It renewed our enthusiasm for trying things outside that comfort zone and we wanted more of it. The problem now? Trying to fit all the things we still want to do into a standard 21 days of leave a year.

We were never going to win that one as the list is never ending. It was time to grab a laptop, run some budgets and see where we could throw that dart at.

The aim was to see how many options we could find and if any would realistically work. And a few did much to our surprise! So, we chose a year long adventure in Vietnam.

We sold everything we didn’t need, kept a few precious keepsakes and started the new journey.

In February 2018 we landed in Da Nang with two suitcases and no idea what we were in for.

By November that year, we could say we lived like locals, made some amazing friends and got to travel 6,000 kilometers around Vietnam on the back of two Honda Waves.

Our motorbike adventure was one of the biggest things we’ve done and an experience we never want to forget.

Come experience, explore and travel Vietnam with us… Leon and Tash