Who are we?

We're Leon and Tash, an ordinary couple dreaming of extraordinary adventures! Like you, we scour the net far and wide in search of full time travelers living the dream. We watch and revel as they have new experiences every week, eagerly waiting on the next adventure. This lead us to asking ourselves 'Why can't we do this?' We found plenty of reasons why we couldn’t, from mortgages (yes plural), to car repayments, living costs and job security to mention a few. But this year we've decided 'what the heck!', life's too short and if we don't take a shot, we'll never know. So, we did it. We quit our jobs, sold what we didn't need and bought a one-way ticket each. Here we are in Vietnam, eeep! What lays ahead we don't know but it's going to be an extraordinary adventure. Will we survive the next twelve months or will we come home with our tails between our legs, who knows? If you want to live vicariously through us, then follow our journey and let's see where it takes us!