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We’re Leon and Tash, an ordinary Kiwi couple that love to travel, experience and explore the world.  Most of our adventures have been the usual annual trip somewhere fun and new (when we can tear ourselves away from Japan, LOL). There was one trip in particular that led us on an extraordinary adventure. One we will never forget and wouldn’t want to!

In 2016 we traveled through Cambodia and Vietnam on a 7-week backpack trip. Had had such an amazing trip that we decided to go back to Vietnam in 2018. But this wasn’t going to be your average trip! Oh no…

We decided to sell everything up in sunny Brisbane, Australia to experience, explore and travel Vietnam for a whole year. 

After living in Da Nang for three months we decided to take things up another notch. We ditched apartment living and swapped it for two Honda Waves. Yup, we took the show on the road and thus began what ended up being a six-month long motorcycle trip around Vietnam.

The best part was we took you, our awesome Tribe, along for the adventure and what a blast it’s been!

We want to inspire you to visit this amazing country and experience all it has to offer, because you will not regret it!

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Vietnam - Southeast Asia's hottest destination

Xin Chao! From the awesomest country in southeast Asia, for real! We’re going to tell you why you should come and see it!

Vietnam is the perfect destination for all kinds of travel. From dense jungle covered mountain tops, to energetic cities and stunning beaches. Her madly beating heart ripples into a rhythm of perfectly organised chaos. It catches your breath and leaves you speechless.

Come grab a small plastic chair on the roadside with a ca phe phin while making new bạn bè or just see as much of her as you can.

Whatever you are into, Vietnam is right there with you. It’s all there, from rugged backpacking adventures to world class travel experiences.

Our 6,000+ Kilometer Motorcycle Adventure

Tours and packages not your thing? Prefer the idea of doing your thing, your way? It’s totally doable and we can prove it with a six-month long motorcycle adventure around the country.

Our 6,000 kilometer adventure was a once in a lifetime experience and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We experienced so much more than we expected, met a tremendous amount of amazing people and learnt a lot about ourselves.

Even after all that time there, Vietnam has left us with an insatiable desire to go back and experience it all again and then some.

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Not everyone gets the travel bug but we are all still curious about what is out there, right? That’s why we invite you to become part of our Tribe! Why a tribe? We’ll were Kiwis and a collective of kiwis are known as… a Tribe. LOL true story!

That way you get to travel, experience and explore from the comfort of your chair. Meanwhile we’ll do the hard work of catching buses, doing some insane stuff and you know, try that weird cocktail on your behalf. Then come back to tell you all about it, cos sharing is caring and we totally dig it!

How do you become part of the Tribe? Easy, peasy. Join us on any of our social media accounts below or sign up for our monthly newsletter (we don’t want to push cr*p on you, it’s legit just a bit of behind the scenes and what we’re up to before it hits here and on the Tube.)

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